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It is located on a vast land of Richmond, and exudes the mysterious charm from the ancient civilization of the East.

The courtyard house has become more secretive and comfortable than the bustling downtown area. Its function has the attributes of a clubhouse, which not only carries life but also satisfies leisure and entertainment. Therefore, the design did not adopt the traditional classical Chinese design, but the courtyard house and the heart. Combine, make the home more warm.

This is a quadrangle courtyard with a second entrance. Its courtyard is square and spacious. The houses on all sides are independent, and there are verandas connecting each other, making living very convenient.

The whole design continues the concept of home furnishing pattern and accessories during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and refines the stone finishes and solid wood furniture, which are the classic elements of the landscape, to show a full sense of Zen.

The layout of the whole building adopts the modern living concept of living comfort and convenience, and introduces the old house intelligent management system, so it is a very modern mansion.

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