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It is a house in West Vancouver under construction

Features of minimalist decoration style, from complex to simple, practical and tasteful!

A famous saying by the most famous modernist architect Mies van der Rohe in the mid-twentieth century: "Less is more" can be said to be the central idea of ​​minimalism. Subtracting design means subtracting life, making life simpler and more peaceful.

Minimalism emphasizes the purity and simplicity of space, removes unnecessary decorations, and simplifies the home space to the greatest extent, using light, walls and other foundations to construct the space. The advantages of this are as follows: basically not obsolete, reducing decoration costs, and increasing home space!

Minimalist interior design attaches great importance to the selection and application of various materials and tones. In minimalism, most of them are mainly light colors, with high-grade gray as the main tone, simple shapes, natural materials furniture and soft colors that jump. Let the living space show the owner's personal taste and life attitude.

The minimalist style is based on meeting the basic functional requirements, simplifying the design of materials, elements, colors and lighting to the minimum. Every detail must be considered carefully, and the construction is meticulous and meticulous to meet the modern People's pursuit of simple and comfortable life.

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