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A luxury mansion located in the west side of Vancouver。

The light luxury "Affordable Luxury", as the name suggests, means "mild luxury".

In terms of interior design, light luxury is a style, an aesthetic style with rationality and warmth, reflecting a person's taste, and a new fashion that has become popular in recent years.

The light luxury style is based on minimalism, through some exquisite, high-end soft decoration elements to highlight the texture, revealing good taste everywhere. Its simplicity is different from the modern Nordic style. The light luxury style is exquisite, low-key and restrained. It is more elegant than ordinary and freer than luxury.

In the light luxury style, we use a large area of ​​neutral colors with a sense of high quality. In the use of colors, in addition to the main color, there are embellishment colors, and the embellishment colors are the finishing touch. While using the main colors correctly, you can partially use black and carbon gray to form a color contrast, and then add jumping bright colors for embellishment to maximize the light and luxurious temperament.

In terms of furniture, the gentle and elegant Morandi powder + highly textured velvet material perfectly interprets the light and luxurious style.

In the matching of accessories, the most representative embellishment color of light luxury style is gold, which is also an indispensable color for light luxury style.


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